Thursday, 10 May 2012

Expose Your Shape With Simply Yours!

It's wedding season! 

Every spring it seems that I get invited to just about a million weddings. The request of styles can range from dressy and classy or cool and casual. One of my rules for whatever type of wedding is : look fly and feel comfortable! This usually means a dress of some sort. Dealing with wedding attire to me also means finding some good support, and yes, more often than none some nice fitting shapewear.  

I've browsed through my local stores but nothing seems to look that good, meaning BORING. Even though I'm going to be wearing it under my clothing,  I still want it to look and feel sexy while still having loads of support. Believe me, support is important when you're standing for hours on end at one of those oh-so-lovely long church services, and hey shapewear is known to give you a little extra umph!  

As you all know I've been browsing the net like a fiend recently and came across a site called Simply Yours, a brand from Simply Be! How excited I was to find out that Simply Be has a whole sister website designated just for underwear sizes 14-32. Underwear meaning: Lingerie, Bras, Nightwear, and the most BEAUTIFUL Body Shaping Underwear

It seems that Simply Yours has teamed up with Gok Wan, a British television personality and fashion consultant for the job of designing some of the shapewear. No wonder these are some of the most attractive pieces I've ever seen. 

Now it hardly matters if you are going as a guest to the wedding or part of the bridal party, HELL - even the bride herself, these slinky sassy supportive numbers will make any lady feel special. These pieces are designed to show off and bring out YOUR shape

Find more lovely shapewear @

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