Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Lane Bryant : Long Line Bra


So over the weekend I took a trip to Buffalo for a little “back to school” shopping trip with my mom. She generously bought me this bra. I’ve been been very curios about this bra since I first saw it. I have huge back fat, and normal bras always dig in to me usually leaving red painful marks, so, I figured I try out this “long” bra, and hey, it’s pretty hot looking too.

So, first off I have to say, I have to use 2 bra extenders, which is fine, I always need them. Second, I’m at school right now and it’s coming on the 3rd hour of me being out and about in this thing. So far I have to say i’m slightly more impressed than I though I would be. If like me, you have one big roll as back fat you can basically just put the bra on and make sure the bottom of the bra sits right under the roll, it should stay pretty securely there, for now, mine has yet to ride up or “curl”. The only real issue so far is that my huge stomach is pushing the front “zipper” part up. It’s a pretty pointless accent to the bra, it’s non functional and kinda bunches up. All I did was flip it up towards me and kinda tucked it under. Anyways, 3 hours in and I’m pretty comfortable so for now I’d recommend this bra not only for style. Just thought I’d share since for around $60 a pop you guys might want some details.

UPDATE: I made it through the day, pretty much stayed the same. Love this bra!

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