Saturday, 1 September 2012

Floral Mermaid

It's been a hot mess summer, that's for sure. I've actually been trying to stay indoors with my air conditioner so I've not had many opportunities to get my fashion on. I finally got the nerve to plan a trip to visit a dear friend. This outfit was put together for a girls night dinner and drinks. 

It was super windy this particular night so obviously I pulled out some "model in the fan" poses. Wind or no wind I absolutely love how my Mint Skirt from Domino Dollhouse flows and moves. It's definitely going to get many, many wears. I didn't want to pair this great skirt with something as boring as a black top so when I saw this bodysuit (yes, bodysuit!) from ReDress NYC I knew the two pieces together would be magic. 

I'm a size 28-32 so I knew the bodysuit might not fit, and sadly I was right. BUT - it was super stretchy so I just snipped the crotch and now it can  be worn as a top with high waisted skirts. I was desperate to make this floral work, and work I did. 

Outfit Details :

Mint Skirt (Urban Mermaid Collection) - Domino Dollhouse
Floral Bodysuit - ReDress
Shoes - Walmart
                                          Sunglasses - Dollarama  


  1. you're so adorable and so is this outfit!!

  2. i LOVE this outfit! I just found your blog a couple of days ago but i'm in love!

  3. Lovely outfit! I would so wear it! You look great!

  4. You look super cute in this and you're right, they work perfect together. Love it! :D

  5. That skirt is amazing. Love the floral bodysuit too. Wish there were more plus size bodysuits they're so fun to wear.

    Those sunglasses are super cute on you too. :)

  6. I Love the Skirt! Very Cute!

  7. Such lovely colors in this outfit!

    Side note: have you ever ordered anything from eshakti? They go up to size 36, and you can customize sizes beyond that even. You can also customize various aspects of the dresses (neck line, skirt length, etc.). I'm always curious about people's experiences with ordering from them.

  8. Medal taegr shet horeyu askeysmi namper