Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Purple Is A Fall Colour, Right?

Outfit post Nov '11

So for the first time ever I decided to purchase an ASOS top. I've been skeptical about anything other than their dresses and stretchy skirts. To my surprise it was really stretchy and comfortable. Not too thick and perfect for fall. So I guess my £14 purchase paid off! Also if you are curious about any ASOS item there is a button to view the garment on a model walking down a runway. THIS IS HELPFUL, especially when you are trying to get an idea of the material.

Top ~ ASOS
Jeggings ~ Torrid
Necklace ~ Torrid
Belt ~ Walmart

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  1. Good for you young lady. I'm a big size too and feel too down on how I look to post a photo of myself. Glad to see you just going ahead and living life, not letting weight keep you back from what you want to do.