Friday, 18 November 2011

Blue Brat

Outfit Post Nov 18th 2011

Today I ventured off to the dentist for a root canal. I think I dressed up so I didn't feel so bad. In reality, it wasn't bad at all, not sure what all the horrible hype was about. ANYWAYS. To the outfit!

Look at those socks. I love them because they fit my
huge ass calves. Another thing about the outfit I love; dem boots. FINALLY I have a pair of combat boots and to my surprise I found them at LANE BRYANT! Perfect rugged addition for just about any outfit, will do a complete review of these in another post because on the Lane Bryant site them seem to have a bad rep?

I'm also trying trying trying to incorporate more colors, as a child of goth, black is my go-to. I'm just loving jewel tones, especially for fall/winter. This blue is even better in person and really makes a statement and is easily dressed up or down, pretty versatile and fits like a glove. Definitely a fav.

Outfit Details:

Dress ~ ASOS
Jacket ~ Ebay
Leggings ~ Addition Elle
Socks ~ ASOS
Boots ~ Lane Bryant
Ring ~ Dots
Purse ~ Ebay
Headband ~ Ardene


  1. Lovely outfit! I agree that boots + big calves can be a problem. I was wondering, have you ever ordered boots from Simply Be? (I know, that's the tackiest name possible for a plus-size store. I'm embarrassed for them. But I like a lot of their stuff, so...) Anyway, they've apparently got special wide-calf sizes. Calf-sizing seems like tricky business, and I'm hesitant to buy boots online without trying them on first. Any tips?

  2. thanks! yes, i've heard of them but never purchased anything as of yet. honestly i don't buy shoes/boots without trying them on or knowing the stores sizing by heart. i guess measuring would be the only way to go, know them by heart and go from there!

  3. The dress is adorable darling! Keep being your fabulous self.

    - Marisa <3