Monday, 13 May 2013

The Great Eshakti

For months now I've been seeing my friends and fellow bloggers rave about the online "we design, you customize" size 0-36 store eShakti. I finally took the dive and scooped up my "registar today and get $25 off" PLUS my friends $20 discount codes. The thing about eShakti is that they almost always have some sort of deal. Unlike the majority of my friends I opted for the skirt option rather than the full dress.  You see, I have an aversion to 100% non-stretch cotton and needed to "test it out" in other words in a skirt first. That and the dresses that I wanted sold out in an instant. The styles range from plain, to trendy, and then turns into full on vintage. It really is a one-of-a-kind store that caters to everyone of every size, and dosen't categorize. I can't wait to make another purchase from them, this time it will be a dress.   

The first yellow outfit as worn to The Great Gatsby for Mothers Day. 

Jacket - Torrid
Skirt - eShakti
Top - Old Navy 
Shoes - Walmart 

The second outfit was just a trip into our little town on a overcast spring day!

Top- Addition Elle
Skirt - eShakti
Glasses - Ebay
Ring - Ebay 

Friday, 11 January 2013

2012 Favorites

Hello 2013, goodbye 2012! 

A look back on some of my favorite 2012 things: 







Favorite Color

Favorite Trends

Favorite Outfit 

Monday, 17 December 2012

Outta This World


A few weeks ago EVERY fat girl in the galaxy flocked to frantically refreshing to see if the all new Astralnauts Collection was finally available for purchase. Thank the Gods I work from home and was able to get my hands on the first batch of these space themed garments. So as you can see I decided on the leggings! I'm so happy I did; they make a statement, they are extremely comfortable, and they are totally unexpected. I was contemplating the dress or the skirt for some while but I just felt I would get more wear from the leggings since I could also wear them as totally fun pants.

Can we also just take a second to appreciate this hair accessory I found on ebay? It's an elastic band with gold spikes, and it was only around $1.99 with free shipping. I'd say it's one of my most favorite finds to date.

Outfit Details
Pussybow Sheer Top - Pennigtons
Galaxy Leggings - Domino Dollhouse
Elastic Spikes - Ebay
Gold Bow - Ebay
Boots - Avenue with some DIY stud details

Monday, 26 November 2012

Winter, what a great time to post some summer photos! Sorry for the timing of this post but I just found the folder with these beauties inside! You might recognize these from Tumblr but these are actually from the SKORCH beach shoot us ladies did back in the summer. It was a blistering, blindingly, SKORCHING hot day out but we pulled it together and had some fun taking turns with the camera. Even some strangers took a turn with the camera to capture our fantasy island looks. To be honest the best part of the day is when Sarah and I got to rip off our clothing and plunge straight into the cooling water.

Check out "Our" Issue of SCORCH! Featuring Domino Dollhouse & Chubby Cartwheels

Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Just Another Autumn Day

If you guys can recall last year there was a really nice mustard skater dress at Evans, I missed the boat on that one so I was thrilled to see one on sale at ASOS. I really wanted to pair this ASOS dress with some black knee socks but my room is a mess and I couldn't find them for the life of me.

What really makes this outfit special is the spiked collar - spikes are really making a comeback this year. I have hundreds of gold and sliver spikes I ordered online lying around, not quite sure what item of clothing I want to wreak havoc on just yet. I bought this particular collar from Gracelizabetty, unfortunately It was too small for my fat neck. I quickly found a way around it by cutting the back in half and adding some ribbon. Nothing like a little DIY.

Outfit Details
Dress - ASOS Curve
Collar - Gracelizabetty
Lipstick - Covergirl Lip Duo in Intense

Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Luna Antoinette

Luna Antoinette

I just love costumes, and although I have nothing planned for this Halloween that will not stop me from having my own fun! I actually planned to dress up as something totally different but when I spotted this wig at Value Village I knew that I would eat all the cake.

Wishing everyone a safe and spooky Halloween!

Outfit Details
Wig - Value Village
Floral Crown - Value Village
Lace Fan - Value Village
Inside Out Corset - Torrid
Petticoat - Domino Dollhouse

Saturday, 1 September 2012

Floral Mermaid

It's been a hot mess summer, that's for sure. I've actually been trying to stay indoors with my air conditioner so I've not had many opportunities to get my fashion on. I finally got the nerve to plan a trip to visit a dear friend. This outfit was put together for a girls night dinner and drinks. 

It was super windy this particular night so obviously I pulled out some "model in the fan" poses. Wind or no wind I absolutely love how my Mint Skirt from Domino Dollhouse flows and moves. It's definitely going to get many, many wears. I didn't want to pair this great skirt with something as boring as a black top so when I saw this bodysuit (yes, bodysuit!) from ReDress NYC I knew the two pieces together would be magic. 

I'm a size 28-32 so I knew the bodysuit might not fit, and sadly I was right. BUT - it was super stretchy so I just snipped the crotch and now it can  be worn as a top with high waisted skirts. I was desperate to make this floral work, and work I did. 

Outfit Details :

Mint Skirt (Urban Mermaid Collection) - Domino Dollhouse
Floral Bodysuit - ReDress
Shoes - Walmart
                                          Sunglasses - Dollarama