Wednesday, 4 January 2012

2012 We're All Gunna Die

Outfit Post NYE 2012

So once a year I get super theme dressed up and take off to a fatty party in Boston for a huge NYE party. I've had some pretty lame new years eve nights in my life, you know, you're 16 watching a chick flick where the ball drops and everyone gets the perfect kiss? Yeah, never happens, stupid unrealistic expectations. So last year I decided I was changing this. My bf and friends decided we needed to switch it up so we booked a hotel room for the weekend at the hotel party. It was a fucking blast, best NYE of my life. We did it again this year, and it was even better. I don't drink that much usually BUUUUT I figure this is my one weekend a year to drink and go a little crazy. Now, to the outfit.  

I had a bunch of outfits at the ready for this weekend and almost none of them went according to plan. That's okay though, I was pretty happy with my main outfit: I call it "Slutty Heiress/ Spoiled Kardashian" I had picked out this big ridiculous necklace at f21 a few weeks before and knew I had to incorporate something so over-the-top into my swag this year. On the way to the bash something just clicked in my brain that told me that I needed to stop at a Torrid. Well I walked in and right away saw the dress I had been drooling over for quite some time and even in my size; it was a sign. I purchased it immediately. I wish I had better pictures of my actual outfit but I was way to busy being drunk off long island ice tea and cake vodka. I hope everyone had as good a NYE as I did! <3 

Dress ~ Torrid
Shoes ~ American Eagle
Necklace ~ f21
Headband ~ Ardene


  1. You look great! And I've loved that dress ever since I went into work one day, and there it was, on the rack. But Im sure I cant work it like you do!

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