Saturday, 17 December 2011

Style Icon Lana

Nostalgic, glamourous, 1940's David Lynch inspired Lizzy Grant AKA Lana Del Rey has pretty much captured my heart, eyes, and ears. Ever since I heard her live version of End Of The World  I just can't get enough. This, of course was before her transformation into hollywood obsessed flower-crown wearing queen of my life. I also saw this beautiful floral photo set of her and her lovely lips before hearing any of her recorded songs.


What really got me to notice her style is the fact she's the first person to make bright flowers and gold getto jewelry look good. I've never really been into the whole floral thing but she really pulls it off and it makes me want to experiment. I actually found a floral headband at ASOS but I let it slide through my fingers and have never seen it again.

Lana really is quite a charmer. She can go from skater flower-child to ghetto princess to regal elegance queen in a heartbeat, all with a retrovintage feel. Always. Never fail. It's amazing.





Among her bright and fun dress I also admire her use and overuse of accessories. From her shoes to her oversized double rings and hoop earrings (which I think she will single handedly bring back) and all her lovely roses.



So, I'm a fat girl. And I've found some fat friendly items along the way that are kinda "Del Rey" inspired. 
mesh bodysuit from asos / shorts from torrid / coat/dress from asos / shoes from f21 / accessories f21 and asos

EnvyFabulous @ etsy


                  BloomDesignStudio @ etsy has tons of amazing floral accessories so check her out! Laura has offerend my readers a 20% off code if you would like to purchase from her store! The code is PEACEONEARTH! Thanks Laura!

i made my own crown using fake flowers and a headband!


  1. I actually just bought a rose crown yesterday from BloomDesign Studio! I can't waaait for this piece to arrive.

    Lovely post ~ love her and love you. xo

  2. I totally loved your post,I love her style and your too! (: