Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Best In Black

Outfit Post Fall '10

Using the same modified Torrid skirt from my last outfit I decided to finally try out my LACE leggings from Torrid. This is also the debut of my "over the knee" Torrid boots.

The boots have an elastic material right beside the zipper, it still took me FOREVER to get them on, i actually needed outside help. once they were on i wore them for a while inside now they are as comfy as can be and much easier to put on. while this is all good and well, i did stretch the suede material so much that i can see the white seams on the side..

As for the rest of the outfit:
Top/sweater - Walmart
Modified skirt/lace leggings/boots/necklace - Torrid

1 comment:

  1. I have LOTS of boots from Torrid and they --all-- do that once you break into them...still love them! <3 How do the Torrid tights fit? I always worry that the 3/4 won't be big enough to pull up over my tummy, or they'll rollllllll down like the addition-elle ones :(