Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Art Student

Outfit Post Fall '11

First time experience from We Love Colors! I got two pairs this yellow and a scout green color. The green ones fit better than these yellow ones, I'm convinced they are made with different fabric. The yellow ones kinda "sag" at the ankles and don't stretch like they are supposed to, however the green ones are just about perfect.

Outfit Details:

Top ~ Torrid

Sweater/Belt ~ Walmart
Modified Jegging Shorts ~ Addition Elle
Tights ~ We Love Colors


  1. May I ask specifically what tights and size you got from we love colors? I've been wanting to test the waters, but as a death fatty I fear.

  2. hey blue, i'm a size 28/30 and i got
    in a size EE .

  3. I love those yellow tights on you and I almost want to get the same colour!

  4. Hi! I bought some We Love Colors tights a few years ago, and I had the same problem with the bunching ankles. Also, on one of the pairs, the upper thigh area was too tight and ripped -- so I don't think I would have had any luck ordering a smaller size. Bummer. :/ But the fun colors pretty much make it worth it.